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2-Year RN Programs Online

In the rapidly evolving field of nursing, prospective nurses seek efficient and flexible educational pathways.


  • Programs offer hybrid to online formats for diverse learning needs.
  • HCost-effective choices and comprehensive 4-year options.
  • LPNs/PNs advance to RNs with tailored curriculums.

For those looking to fast-track their nursing career, 2-Year RN Programs Online and Online ADN Programs offer flexible, practical paths. This quick-read guide details key programs, focusing on duration, cost, and course specifics.

Our guide provides a detailed overview of several top 2-Year RN Programs Online and Online ADN Programs across the United States.

Highlighting key aspects such as program duration, cost, format, and target audience, the guide serves as a valuable resource for individuals aiming to advance in the nursing profession through tailored, accessible education.

Each featured school is examined to offer insights into their unique offerings, helping students make informed decisions in their journey towards becoming registered nurses.

2-Year RN Programs Online

Weber State University

  • Location: Ogden, UT
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Cost: In-State $5,471; Out-of-State $16,164
  • Program Type: Hybrid
  • Specialty: PN-to-RN; offers AAS/AS degrees (68-80 credits)
  • Target Audience: Working LPNs

A comprehensive 4-year program based in Utah, offering a hybrid PN-to-RN pathway. It’s designed for working LPNs and provides an in-depth curriculum with options for AAS/AS degrees.

Western Kentucky University

  • Location: Bowling Green, KY
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Cost per Credit: In-State $551; Out-of-State $707
  • Program Type: Hybrid
  • Specialty: LPN-to-ASN bridge; includes on-campus clinical hours
  • Target Audience: LPNs

This Kentucky-based university offers a 4-year LPN-to-ASN bridge program. The hybrid format includes online lectures and on-campus clinical hours, catering to LPNs seeking advanced nursing education.

Missouri State University-West Plains

  • Location: West Plains, MO
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Cost per Credit: In-State $179-$201; Out-of-State $298-$402
  • Program Type: Online with limited campus visits
  • Specialty: LPN-to-RN bridge; self-scheduled clinicals
  • Target Audience: LPNs with flexible schedules

A 2-year program located in Missouri, focusing on LPNs advancing to RNs. It combines online learning with limited on-campus visits and self-scheduled clinicals, making it suitable for flexible learners.

John A Logan College

  • Location: Carterville, IL
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Cost per Credit: In-State $160-$188; Out-of-State $242
  • Program Type: Hybrid
  • Specialty: Focus on Illinois LPNs; combines online courses with weekly campus labs
  • Target Audience: Local LPNs seeking career advancement

Situated in Illinois, this college provides a 2-year, cost-effective hybrid program specifically for Illinois LPNs. It combines online coursework with weekly campus labs, ideal for local LPNs.

Minnesota West Community and Technical College

  • Location: Granite Falls, MN
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Cost per Credit: $229
  • Program Type: Hybrid
  • Specialty: Prepares LPNs for RN licensure; clinicals in southwest Minnesota
  • Target Audience: LPNs ready to become RNs

Based in Minnesota, this 2-year program prepares LPNs for RN licensure through a hybrid format. It includes online courses and clinicals in southwest Minnesota, targeting LPNs ready for the next career step.

Online RN Programs Overview

These programs offer diverse learning experiences, from comprehensive 4-year courses at Weber State University and Western Kentucky University to quicker 2-year pathways at Missouri State University-West Plains, John A Logan College, and Minnesota West Community and Technical College. Each caters to a specific audience, with varying costs and program formats, making them suitable for different types of nursing professionals seeking advancement.

Cost Comparison

  • Affordability: John A Logan College stands out for its affordability, especially for in-district students, making it an attractive choice for those within its locale.
  • Higher Cost Options: Western Kentucky University presents a higher cost, particularly for out-of-state students, which may influence those with budget constraints.

Location and Accessibility

  • Geographical Diversity: The programs span various locations from Utah (Weber State University) to Kentucky (Western Kentucky University), offering regional options for students.
  • Location-specific Programs: John A Logan College and Minnesota West Community and Technical College target local LPNs, emphasizing regional community needs.

Program Types and Duration

  • Extended Programs: Weber State University and Western Kentucky University offer 4-year programs, suggesting a more in-depth curriculum.
  • Faster Completion: Missouri State University-West Plains and John A Logan College provide 2-year pathways, ideal for those seeking a quicker route to RN licensure.

Program Format

  • Hybrid Learning: Most programs blend online coursework with essential in-person clinical training, balancing convenience with practical skills development.
  • Fully Online Aspects: Missouri State University-West Plains offers significant online components, which might appeal to students preferring remote learning.

Each of these programs offers unique advantages depending on the student’s location, financial situation, and educational needs. Cost, program length, and format are crucial factors to consider.

For instance, budget-conscious students might lean towards John A Logan College, while those seeking an extensive program may prefer Weber State University or Western Kentucky University.

These comparisons provide a clearer picture for prospective students to align their choices with their personal and professional goals in the nursing field.